THE PROPOSAL - July 20th 2019, Brecon Beacons in wales, UK

July 20th 2019.  Chris told Alicia that he was on business trip in London.  Alicia thought she was going for a stroll with her family (who were in on it all along) in the Brecon Beacons.   About half way through the route something big happened...

Thank you's

Thanks go to the following people for their help in making this proposal happen.  Without them it would have been impossible!  In no particular order (as you were all vital!):  

Special mentions

God (the weather changer!)

Alicia's mum, Sue. 

Chris's mum and stepdad, Alison and Gerald (Ali G)

Alicia's sisters, Gretta and Tasha

Alicia's bro-in-law, Jason (Haribo rings)

Alicia's nieces, Sophie, Astara and Cerella 

Chris's bro's and sis:  Sara, Mathew and David

Naomi and Ricardo 

Chris's friends, Bruno and Sam (the musicians and the video team)

Also a great help

The guys swimming near the waterfall (you were a great decoy and so kind for getting out of the water just before the proposal was due to happen)

Riverside church for letting us practice the songs / borrow equipment

Chris's home group for praying over the proposal 

 The team at Ffald-y-Brenin for praying for good weather.

Bestselling Author Bob Goff for his note and patience when Chris kept asking him for it.

The staff at the 33 jewelry shops Chris visited before he found 'the ring'. 

Alicia for saying "yes".